Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the Axis Mapper?

The Axis Mapper is designed for use in underground mines, but can also be used in open pit mines and other outdoor environments under certain lighting conditions. The maximum distance of the Axis Mapper is 3.5m away from the rock face.

How long does data take to process?

It takes three seconds to collect data for an individual joint set and within ten seconds the dip, dip direction and stereonet can be viewed.

What distance from the rock face is optimal to collect data? 

The Mapper will work up to 3.5m, but the optimal data collection distance is 2 to 3m.  

Can I see a live demonstration of the Axis Mapper? 

Yes, absolutely! You can book a phone call here to further discuss your site needs.  

When will the Axis Mapper become available?

You can pre-order an Axis Mapper anytime before April 1, 2019. Please request a quote here and we will begin delivering units in December 2019.

How can I schedule a demonstration?

You can book a phone call here to further discuss your site needs.

What outputs does the Axis Mapper provide?

The Axis Mapper provides a .csv file of the dip and dip direction measurements, .pdf of the stereonet, high resolution colour images, and a .csv file of a RMR and/or Q.

How long does the battery last on the Axis Mapper?

The battery will last four hours of data collection (excluding idle time during transportation). Typically, an individual using the Axis Mapper will have enough battery to last one to two shifts underground.

Is the data processing done on the device or in the cloud?

The processing is conducted on the device, so the user can view data within seconds in the field. The data can then be transferred to a computer using a cord.

What is included when you purchase an Axis Mapper?

In addition to the Axis Mapper, you will receive a rugged carrying case, harness for improved ergonomics, a charger, a cable for transferring data and field support.

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