The Future of mining with AI: Building the first steps towards an insight-driven organization.

A collaboration between Deloitte and NORCAT | October 15, 2018

With the majority of mines still using legacy technology and facing the growing need to drive operations deeper underground, easily attainable cost and productivity savings are getting harder to obtain. More, productivity in mining operations world-wide continues to decline Read more…


Keep on Rockin’: Startup Develops AI for Mapping Tunnels and Mineshafts

By Scott Martin at NVIDIA | October 8, 2018

RockMass is digging a niche for itself in mining and tunnels.

The Toronto-based startup is developing an NVIDIA AI-powered mapping platform that can help engineers assess tunnel stability in mines and construction.

Today, geologists and engineers visually assess the risks of rock formations by standing five meters away from the rock as a safety precaution. That isn’t ideal for ensuring accurate results, said Shelby Yee, CEO and co-founder of RockMass. Read more…


RockMass Tech Wins $50,000 at DMZ Women Founders Pitch Competition

By Jessica Galang at Betakit | September 24, 2018

The DMZ has announced the winners of its Women Founders accelerator pitch competition.

Launched in February 2018 to support early-stage women-led startups, the companies went through a four-month acceleration and mentorship experience. Of the eight finalists who had the opportunity to pitch their startup in front of the judges, three winners were named. As the judges deliberated, Sampler founder and CEO Marie Chevrier shared tips on building a seven-figure business in a fireside chat (disclosure: the talk was moderated by the author of the article.) Read more…