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RockMass Technologies

RockMass is a mining and industrial technology provider that began its journey in 2016. RockMass is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and currently serves customers in 8 countries.

RockMass is an industry leading data collection company offering its clients an array of products designed to automate the collection and processing of key structural and geological data. RockMass believes that to make the best decisions you must first have the best tools to collect the data needed to make those decisions. RockMass is working to make actionable and reliable datasets available to every engineer so that they can make the best operational decisions.

A Timeline


PhD candidate Marc Gallant and Dr Joshua Marshall begin a research project for automating joint set data collection and processing


RockMass Technologies Inc. is incorporated with the mission to bring this research to market


RockMass partners with Nexa Resources to bring the Mapper from prototype to a commercial product


RockMass launches the Mapper to its early customers in December of 2019


RockMass launches V2 Mapper. A faster and lighter mapping experience


RockMass releases Stratus, Lithos, and Structos software and the V3 Mapper


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Our team

Shelby Yee

Co-founder and CEO

Matt Gubasta

Co-founder and President


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Press about us

Nov 16, 2021

Co-founders, Shelby Yee and Matthew Gubasta, included in Forbes 30


Nov 16, 2021

Private: RockMass Technologies raises $2.5M to provide safe state-of-the-art

Business Insider

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