Geological and geotechnical LiDAR mapping

The upgraded Lithos supports capturing data in two modes: 2D HD images and 3D coloured point clouds. It also includes features such as ground support ID, streamlined workflows, scanline and window mapping.

enhancements in our latest version:

Streamlined flow

Batch draw all the features you want to capture in sequence, then cycle through documenting each one individually.

Scanline mapping

Set a scanline height to a group of up to 10 scans to determine feature deviations/ intersections and potential hazards.

Ground support

Identify ground support locations, document attributes and add custom descriptions to streamline underground inspections.

reimagined and redesigned


v 5.0

Seeing is believing. Experience our workflows through a demo or site visit to see how they can increase the safety and efficiency for your entire team.

single & multi-window

Captures 3D point clouds & 2D HD images. The choice is yours.

Scan up to 30m in 2D and map onto an HD image. Alternatively, capture your point cloud in an ideal range of up to 7m.
time-saving automation

Stereonets, Q-Systems, & RMR values automatically created.

Autogenerate stereonets with hero images, and auto calculate values.

The most accurate, consistent
& flexible mapping solution on the market.

Capture 3D point clouds and 2D HD images simultaneously

Capture data in the mode of your choice, depending on your needs and standoff distance requirements.

Auto-detect poles, clusters, contacts and generates stereonets

Automatically generate stereonets and calculate Q-system and RMR values, eliminating the need manual input

Access high-resolution data & georeferenced point clouds

Quality mapping can be done both underground and on the surface, with the coloured point clouds and HD images.  

Versatile mapping options to fit your site needs

Flexible data-sharing and mapping solution that can be customized to meet the needs of individual users or departments.

Capture features with as much or as little detail

Grant users the ability to draw annotations and customize feature attributes either underground or on surface.

Maintain consistent data

Systematic naming conventions and file formatting create uniformity across the entire site.

Customizable features tailored to your site

Remove features that are not applicable and change the default attributes based on your needs.

Export by syncing to Stratus cloud or via USB

Easily collect data by selecting radio buttons to populate form fields in the workflow. Then export summary reports.

Integrate with 3rd party software - no additional data processing required

Use the data to complete post-processing tasks, such as kinematic analyses and model integration.

All your data in one place

Sync your data to Stratus and/or import the files locally into 3D CAD and database software.

A safer alternative to pen and paper

Digital mapping reduces time at the face and promotes data fidelity without risking the loss or damage of physical copies.

Extremely manageable file sizes, from 35-50 MB

Easily upload, store, and maintain flexibility and shareability with featherweight file sizes.

"Being able to go underground, take one measurement, draw it out one time, and then be able to easily transfer it to whatever software we’re using is huge"

Production Geologist

Capturing data in a safer, more consistent, and complete manner.

Key benefits:

  • Cross-departmental communication and data sharing

  • Georeferenced data sets captured from a safe distance

  • Customized workflows and systematic naming conventions

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"We're able to identify potential hazards and make data-driven decisions that improve safety and efficiency on site"

Éliane Cabot

Senior Rock Mechanics Engineer at Hatch

Significantly faster post-processing than manual methods and eliminates revisits underground.

Key benefits:

  • Cross-departmental communication and data sharing

  • Manageable file sizes, faster exports and less time watching loading screens

  • Fracture of the time to export – 5 minutes or less

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"RockMass Eon has enabled us to be more precise in our planning and decision-making, which ultimately leads to better outcome for our operations"

Iain McKillip

Manager Mine Technical Services at Glencore, Kidd Operation

Accessible localized data to positively impact the bottom line and quotas.

Key benefits:

  • Localized data for quality control inspections and audits

  • Manage production goals by modeling real underground data

  • Streamlined data collection systems

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"The mapper is producing information that is much, much, much more valuable than any other method that I’ve come across"

David Wood

Competitive edge by cultivating a positive reputation, better retention, and increased efficiency.

Key benefits:

  • Attract and retain personnel with the latest tech

  • Improve bottom line through increased efficiency of manpower

  • Increase safety by keeping people away from the face

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Experience all the new innovations in the upgraded Lithos.

We’ve reimagined the mapping features to align with how people work underground.
  • Streamlines the workflow from drawing to documentation

  • Increased transportability with multiple carrying options

  • Optimizes 3D rendering using scanline and window pane mapping

  • Map above or below ground with the integration of Stratus

Case study

Mapping a rock face in 12 minutes

Connecting the dots between in-field data collection and structural modelling solutions.

Learn how to digitize and automate underground data collection into a 3D structural model. See how Kidd Operations is simplifying in-field mapping with the RockMass Mapper.

Case study

Mapping Accuracy  |  250% efficiency gain

Glencore Streamlined it’s operations with  Rockmass Mapper & LithOS

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one-click sync
from face to cloud

34 scans syncing to Stratus

Capturing data in a safer, more consistent, and complete manner.  

rely on Lithos to:

Map more efficiently

An improved workflow that allows for simultaneous feature documentation, both underground or above ground..

Minimize face exposure

A safer way to complete tasks from a distance - avoid the need to be close to a potentially hazardous rock face.

Smart collaboration

Cross-departmental sharing allows all departments to use the same scan for their individual needs.

Streamlined Workflows: Compatible Post Processing Software


Imports RM default data types & allows importing into existing models to keep them up to date.

Deswik.CAD & Deswik.Mapping

Supports RM default file types, and the data can be used for various downstream engineering design tasks.

Rocscience Dips

Once data is imported into DIPS, the RM data is compatible and ready to visualize, no manipulation needed.

Micromine Beyond

Supports all the RM default file types and is a very powerful solid modeling and data management software.


Enables seamless import of geotechnical data into ITASCA  software solutions, allowing for more accurate and realistic models of underground assets and excavations.

it's time to

Leave the stone age behind

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