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digital mapping ecosystem first hand

Seeing is believing. Experience our customizable workflows through a demo or site visit to see how RockMass can increase the safety and efficiency for your entire team.

2-4 days

Data Proof of Concept

Experience the power of our streamlined workflow during a private and hands-on site demonstration. See the endless possibilities of data collection at your site.

Hands-on, from mapping to modelling

Won’t slow you down

Save time, save paper, save money

6 months

6 Month Pilot Program

Get started without losing precious time. Use your data right away from collection to analysis. Best of all, during your pilot, you'll always receive free upgrades of our newest software and hardware.

Works how you work, but faster

Full transparency up and down the drift

Save time, save paper, save money

believing is seeing

Data Proof of Concept

We do the work, you get results - in real time

Provide us with a problem and we'll show you the solution without disrupting your regular cycle.
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Customize objectives for multiple departments.

During project scoping, we work together to set achievable goals based on your site's needs. We can accommodate different departments by setting secondary objectives or reusing data sets when possible.

2-4 Days of on-site white glove service.

A RockMass expert will visit your site, collect data, integrate it into your existing post-processing software of choice, and visually present the findings. The pilot length is project dependent.

Disruptive tech without disrupting your workflow.

We never interrupt your regular cycle or require prime locations. Your team continues to work in their active headings while we capture the data to streamline your workflow and offer solutions to meet project objectives.
believing is seeing


Get hands-on RockMass experience at your site.

Tell us where your stumbling blocks are and we'll build a customized solution path so you can hit the ground running.
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Complete a site specific project within 6 months.

At project scoping, we establish your site-specific project objectives,discuss metrics and project framework, and set milestones throughout the pilot period. We also establish routine touchpoints for quality control and course correction as needed.

Tailored training, online support, & optional site visit.

Our LMS offers digestible online learning modules and action items tailored to your site's needs, while our passionate team is available to answer questions. Plus, you can receive training from RockMass during an on-site visit.

Customized workflow for data accuracy & consistency.

Systematic mapping methods, naming nomenclatures, and our intuitive ecosystem set your team up for success, allowing them to easily, meticulously, and efficiently collect data, leading to significant bottom-line impacts.


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Streamlined Workflows: Compatible Post Processing Software


Imports RM default data types & allows importing into existing models to keep them up to date.

Deswik.CAD & Deswik.Mapping

Supports RM default file types, and the data can be used for various downstream engineering design tasks.

Rocscience Dips

Once data is imported into DIPS, the RM data is compatible and ready to visualize, no manipulation needed.

Micromine Beyond

Supports all the RM default file types and is a very powerful solid modeling and data management software.


Enables seamless import of geotechnical data into ITASCA  software solutions, allowing for more accurate and realistic models of underground assets and excavations.

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