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Changing the face of the industry

Who we are

We're a team of energetic, collaborative and highly motivated individuals who nerd out about what we do. We value diversity, innovation, and challenging the status quo and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

What we do

We focus on driving change in the mining industry through innovation, digitization, and automation, to improve the quality of work and increase safety for both on-site personnel and those in the C-suite.

What makes a Rockie

RockMass Rockies are a unique bunch of thought leaders, innovators, makers and producers deeply focused on bringing the future of digital mining to market today.

Go Getter

We thrive in dynamic environments, enjoy taking on multiple roles, and are passionate about innovating fervently.

Innovative Spirit

We work with smart people and foster an environment that promotes curiosity, innovative thinking, and calculated risk-taking.

Forever Learners

We pursue growth, push ourselves beyond our comfort zones, encourage learning from mistakes and challenge ourselves at every turn.


an industry calls for an optimal environment

Exceptional Team

We strive to build and maintain a team that is collaborative, diverse, and highly intelligent.

Rewarding Benefits

We offer professional and personal development learning opportunities, as well as monthly socials.

Remote & Hybrid

Flexible working hours and hybrid office environment for 21st-century work-life balance


We embrace our diversity, create a respectful and inclusive atmosphere, strive for ambitious goals, and always celebrate our wins - big or small.

We're Hiring!

Are you a subject matter expert passionate about working as part of a dynamic team? If so, we’ve been looking for you!


Mechanical Engineer

Toronto, ON

Production Technician

Toronto, ON

React Front-End Developer

Toronto, ON

Technical Services

Geotechnical Engineer

Toronto, ON

Job with Title

Toronto, ON


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