3 Ways RockMass Eon Makes Data More Accessible

August 11, 2023
3 Ways RockMass Eon Makes Data More Accessible

Data accessibility is essential in ensuring that a digital data collection tool can successfully meet client needs and provide value to an active operation. From mapping underground at the face to data processing on surface, RockMass Technologies offers several data processing options to guarantee that project geologists and geotechnical engineers can efficiently capture, export, and integrate RockMass Eon data into their software of choice, no matter their computing capabilities or available technological support on site.

Users can enjoy the full benefits of our digital mapping solution, even with limited computer power, data storage capacity, and without access to Wi-Fi or to specialized 3D modeling software.

Digital mapping data collected by geologists and/or geotechnical engineers underground can be exported from the RockMass Eon unit either underground at the face or on surface within a matter of minutes. The file types are generic and easy to import into a variety of software without the need for additional file conversions, and data exports maintain manageable file sizes so that anyone can view, send, and manipulate the data without having to compromise on level of detail.

There are 3 ways that RockMass makes data more accessible:

1. Quick and Easy Data Export

RockMass Eon makes it easy to export digital mapping data directly from the unit by giving users the option to export via USB or to sync with RockMass’ cloud database called Stratus (Figure 1). Data export via USB takes less than 1 minute per window* and includes a high-resolution 3D LiDAR point cloud of the rock face, all 3D mapping annotations, HD images, and comma-delimited summary reports. Because of this, users can choose to export and view their data underground (if they carry a tablet or portable computer) or wait to handle all their data once they arrive back on surface. In addition, RockMass Eon data does not require any additional raw file post-processing once it is exported.  

Simply plug in the USB or download from the cloud into a computer or tablet and the data is ready to go!

Figure 1: Summary schematic showing data capture, export options, and modeling workflow using RockMass Eon.

*Average time of export when mapping up to five geological or geotechnical features per window.

2. Generic File Types

Default data file types exported from RockMass Eon have been designed to be versatile and do not require any file conversions to import the data into the site’s software of choice**. LiDAR point clouds from the Eon unit can be exported as simple text .XYZ files or industry standard .LAS files, 3D mapping annotations are exported as simple .DXF files, and detailed attribute summary tables are available as .CSV reports.  

With Eon’s brand-new, redesigned file export workflow, users will be able to select their files from a recommended list, based on their design software of choice. For example, in the case where a geologist may only want to plot their mapping annotations and structural orientation data in Seequent’s Leapfrog Geo, they only need to select the software from the (currently) supported software list, then select the vectorized annotations and structural summary report from the drop-down menu (Figure 2).

Figure 2: (a) Select which mapping files you would like to export; (b) Select which software you would like to import the data files into post-export, and (c) Select file formats from the recommended list of files that will work with the software of choice.

Looking for a file type or data customization that we currently do not offer? No problem!  

For any clients looking for custom file types that are currently not available on the Eon unit, the RockMass Technical team is always available to help customize alternative workflow options or even introduce new file types and customizations to make sure our data can work best for you.

**Some limited exceptions may exist. Reach out to us if there are additional file types you’re looking for!

3. Manageable File Sizes

Gone are the days of computers crashing or waiting 20+ minutes for a large file to load into a model.

In response to most onsite technical personnel that do not have access to computers with modeling-level computing capacity and large data storage requirements, RockMass’ digital mapping data has been designed to produce manageable file sizes so that users can view and manipulate the data, no matter their available computing power. Users can export and enjoy the full 3D data export package, which includes a high-resolution point cloud, annotated mapping information, HD images and summary reports with a total folder size of approximately 30MB per window (Figure 3). Data sharing amongst colleagues or departments is made easy, and users can benefit from the detailed mapping data without having to decrease its resolution to manage large file sizes.

Figure 3: Graph showing total file export size based on number of windows exported at one time. File size is plotted with up to four features mapped on a single window.

Looking Forward

RockMass Technologies prioritizes product development as new software requirements and client feedback becomes available. This includes expanding file type offerings, adding new features to existing files to improve their integration with more software and developing integration workflows with new software programs to ensure the RockMass Eon product will work with a diverse set of client needs.

The examples listed above of how RockMass offers good data accessibility are just a few of the many ways that the company prioritizes product value and user experience. We understand that in order for any new tool to be successful at any mining or construction operation, it must be able to provide both value and to seamlessly integrate into existing processes. Prioritizing data accessibility with RockMass Eon ensures that the data is easy to use, versatile and can provide value to any underground operation.

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