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July 27, 2023
Geotechnical Engineering Specialist Sierra Mercer using RockMass Eon underground

Efficiency in geological and geotechnical mapping begins with the quality and quantity of data being collected. By using an efficient and streamlined digital workflow, the RockMass Eon reduces the impact of environmental factors that typically hinder geologists and engineers from gathering high fidelity data underground. The intuitive digital mapping workflow also allows users to complete higher quality digital mapping in a shorter timeframe. The higher fidelity mapping data results in an increase in quality of post-processing and downstream modelling efforts.

This is because digitally collected data does not require transcription, cleaning, or reconciliation before use. Introducing efficient digital mapping practices, by using technology like Eon, increases the efficiency of the data capture and modelling process overall.

Efficient Underground Mapping with RockMass

It is not enough to collect data digitally – it also needs to be formatted in a way that is compatible with the software or process that is being used to visualize it and make decisions. RockMass is proud to offer flexible data formats that allow for easy integration with industry standard softwares:

1.Seequent Leapfrog – RGB point clouds, structural discs, vectorized annotations with attributes

-Leapfrog Scanline: HERE
-Leapfrog Demo Tunnel (with bolts): HERE

2.Deswik.CAD – RGB point clouds, structural discs, vectorized annotations with attributes

3.CloudCompare - RGB point clouds and vectorized annotations with attributes

4.Rocscience DIPS – structural measurements and qualitative structural mapping

5.ITASCA FLAC3D and 3DEC - RGB point clouds, structural discs, vectorized annotations with attributes

By creating a less cumbersome workflow from mapping to modelling, geologists and engineers are able to spend less time completing tedious, repetitive tasks and more time using their expert judgment to make decisions.

From Mapping to Modelling with RockMass

See RockMass Eon’s Efficiency

At RockMass, we understand that being efficient in underground operations is not an option but a requirement from the get-go. Our team of underground experts is passionate about helping geologists and engineers across the globe to streamline their underground data capture, so that teams can work faster and more efficiently to make crucial decisions.  

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We believe the best decisions come from having the best data capture solutions. We make actionable and reliable datasets available to every engineer and geologist to bring mining, the critical minerals supply and infrastructure into the 21st century.

We stand to maximize personnel efficiency & empower them with tech to make their work faster, safer, more reliable & accurate. At RockMass, we are transforming the the face of mining and infrastructure through technology, community and joy.

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