From Mapping to Modelling: A Journey to RockMass Eon's On-Site Experience

March 26, 2024

Embarking on an on-site demonstration underground with RockMass Eon isn't merely about exploration; it's an experience that unlocks many benefits for tunnelling or mining professionals interested in introducing our digital mapping solution to their underground operations.  

We understand that adopting new technology can be daunting without firsthand experience. This is why our on-site demonstrations play a vital role in offering a unique opportunity to witness the Eon in action firsthand.  

Meet our dedicated ExpertsTeam behind Eon's On-Site Experience: Josephine Morgenroth, Imran Meghji, Nicole Freij and Sierra Mercer as they walk you through the details of an underground site visit and share their enthusiasm for on-site collaboration.

A Comprehensive Guide to On-Site Demonstrations

Part 1: Pre-Site Visit - Understanding your site's objectives.

Before delving underground, your objectives become our scope. Together with your team, we craft a roadmap in our "Site Visit Objectives" document, tailored to your needs. After we've aligned with your objectives, it's time to get hands-on with the RockMass Eon at your site.

Part 2: On-Site Visit - Engage and Explore RockMass Eon.

As the day arrives, a technical services expert will join your team on-site, offering surface training on Eon's workflow. Descending underground, witness the Eon in action as we unveil its capabilities through our Lithos workflow. After this immersive experience, the journey continues with a seamless integration to the post processing software of your choice!

Part 3: Post-Site Visit: See Data into Action.

Emerging from underground, we transition to post-processing software, showcasing seamless integration with industry standards. Visualize your data in 3D, exploring its applications across various domains.  

No matter where your site may be, whether nestled in the landscapes of Canada, Australia, or Brazil, our team eagerly awaits to join you on-site. Allow us to demonstrate the seamless data collection process with the Eon, showcasing how our digital mapping solution can revolutionize your operations. Watch the video below to hear firsthand experiences from our team on-site.  

Passion is one of the drivers of the RockMass Team!

Now that you know more about our on-site demonstrations, you just need to hear about the favourite experiences from our RockMass Technical Services team to understand why passion drives us to excel in geological and geotechnical mapping with RockMass Eon.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey with RockMass Eon? Dive deeper into the immersive experience with our dedicated team. Together, let's shape the future of underground operations.

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