RockMass Unveils Latest Product Release in Live Event

March 2, 2023
Press Release

March 2, 2023, Toronto, Ontario, Canada- This week RockMass unveiled its latest product release: RockMass Eon during its live launch event on March 2nd. Hosted by RockMass co-founder and CEO Shelby Yee, the live event featured a diverse panel of mining and tunnelling experts and showcased the latest product innovations from the RockMass team. Attendees were among the first in the mining industry to see the new features and functionality including: a light and ergonomic design, high resolution and processing speed, and the versatility to support a wide range of geological and geotechnical mapping needs.  “We’ve designed RockMass Eon with the user at the forefront- not as an afterthought” says co-founder and CTO Stuart Bourne. “Our team has been listening to the needs of the mining industry and has worked tirelessly to create a product that fills major gaps in mining technology”.

As an industry that has historically lagged in technology adoption, the vast majority of mines rely on time-consuming and manual processes that create inaccuracies and inconsistencies across teams. Co-founder and CEO Shelby Yee sees the industry as long overdue for a technological revolution. “Our technology will replace pen and paper and bring the mining industry into the 21st century with an automated and digital first approach to mapping”.  “What I’m most excited about is the direct impact the new technology will have on underground workers. With our latest innovations, users will be direct beneficiaries of a more efficient, accurate, and most importantly safer environment”. In addition to unveiling the features of RockMass Eon, the live event included a panel of mining and tunnelling experts who could all agree on the direction the mining industry is headed towards. "For the mining industry, we just want to push the limits further and further. We want to do things faster, we want to go deeper. Which means that we have to adapt to all those environments that are either stressed or that have water inflow"  said Éliane Cabot, Senior Rock Mechanics Engineer at Hatch.  "So that's what we expect from tools available on the market, that they can sustain those challenges and adapt to different environments we want to work in".For any product-related inquiries, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the RockMass team to schedule a private mine site visit.  About RockMass technologies Rockmass Technologies is an industry-leading geotechnical data automation solutions provider serving the world’s largest mining companies across five continents. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, RockMass Technologies’ solutions improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of data collection and processing by enabling users to capture and synchronize geotechnical data in real-time. By enabling access to reliable datasets, RockMass Technologies empowers users to reduce model uncertainty and make the best possible operational decisions.

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We believe the best decisions come from having the best data capture solutions. We make actionable and reliable datasets available to every engineer and geologist to bring mining, the critical minerals supply and infrastructure into the 21st century.

We stand to maximize personnel efficiency & empower them with tech to make their work faster, safer, more reliable & accurate. At RockMass, we are transforming the the face of mining and infrastructure through technology, community and joy.

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