Top 14 mining voices 2023

December 10, 2022

Top 14 mining voices 2023 

At RockMass Technologies we feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of mining professionals, colleagues, employees and partners from around the world who are making a difference in the future of mining. In this article, we pay homage to the people responsible for driving change in one of the largest industries in the world. For the first time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 14 voices in the mining industry. These influential individuals are those who are actively contributing to the progression, transformation, and innovation of the mining industry.

If you’re looking for leaders, trailblazers, and inspiring individuals to expand your network in 2023, you can first learn more about their own stories and contributions in this brief blog post. 

Meet the voices of today's mining industry #Transformation encompasses individuals who are actively working to promote sustainability, digitalization, and social responsibility in the mining industry.

Roberto Morales is currently a Senior Technical Advisor at AECOM and has also served as the Director of Tunnels and Rock Mechanics Lead for the Neom Project in Saudi Arabia. Roberto is a geologist-geotechnical-rock mechanics engineer with 27 years of experience in the field, including tunneling, geotechnics, and rock engineering. He has extensive experience working on major civil infrastructure projects, including underground facilities and energy generation plants, and has worked on projects across the globe.In addition to his professional experience, Roberto is also a member of the International Society for Rock Mechanics and the American Society of Civil Engineers, and leads the Lunar Surface Innovation Consortium's Construction & Excavation Sub-group. 

Samantha Espley is the Senior Executive Advisor at Stantec, Leading Mining Transformation. She is the recipient of the Governor General's Gold Medal, Mining Trailblazer Award, Top 100 Global Women in Mining as well as many other recognitions. She is a visionary business executive with in-depth experience in the mining industry from advanced-stage exploration, to PEA PFS FS technical studies, construction, and technical services and operations of open pit and underground mines and mills. At Stantec, she is facilitating a step-change philosophy for transformative process improvements in open pit and surface mines, in mineral processing facilities, and in refineries. Leveraging Industry 4.0 and innovation within technology roadmaps for The Mine of the Future, Built Today. Leading and supporting transformational projects with safety, sustainability, and community collaboration, using a Whole Mine Approach. 

Don Duval is the Chief Executive Officer at NORCAT, a global multi-faceted enterprise dedicated to advancing the needs of the new world of work and the innovation economy.  He was awarded the Governor General of Canada Young Innovator award, executive of the year, and was listed as Forbes Top 40 under 40. Don is an outstanding leader who has spent over 20 years growing and transforming organizations and businesses around the world. In his role, he has transformed NORCAT to become a global leader in training and development and transformed NORCAT’s underground operating mine into the global one-stop shop for all that is the future of mining technology and innovation. An innovative thinker who consistently recognizes opportunities and resolves problems to achieve exceptional outcomes. 

Douglas Coleman is the Founding Director of Mexico Mining Center, a self-employed organization that serves as the largest digital media platform for the Mexican mining industry. He is highly motivated, energetic, and a goal-oriented outside-the-box thinker. Douglas is also currently the Regional Vice President of the Society of Economic Geologists and a Director at CMC Metals Limited. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Douglas is also a talented pianist.

Ashley Kirwan is the President and CEO of Orix Geoscience, a global geological consulting firm. With over 180 clients in the exploration and mining industry, Kirwan has a track record of creating successful exploration strategies and increasing shareholder value. She is a recipient of multiple awards, including the YMP Eira Thomas Award and the Top 100 Influential Women in Mining. Kirwan is passionate about working with people who have integrity and is committed to increasing industry standards for corporate culture and partnerships. #Progression refers to individuals who are involved in the process of advancing or improving the mining industry.

Josh Wagner is the California and Nevada Lead for the Geotechnical Construction Project Development at GeoStabilization International. He earned his degree in Geology from Pittsburg University and worked as Manager of UAS and Remote Sensing Services at Cal Engineering & Geology and as a UAV Program Developer and Chief Pilot at DiGioia Gray. Josh’s skills in design-build, creative problem-solving, engineering geology, and construction help agencies and owners by the hand of GeoStabilization International to protect people and infrastructure from geohazards. If you're a geologist, geotechnical engineer, or just love rocks, you won't want to miss Josh's engaging LinkedIn posts on rockfall, geohazards, and landslides. Get a behind-the-scenes look at his work and discover new insights in the field.  

Meet Carolina M., a highly skilled geologist with a background in structural geology, tectonics analysis, and data interpretation. She is currently serving as a Consultant Geoscience Advisor for STRYDE in Latin America, where she is introducing the company's onshore seismic acquisition technology. As a self-employed geologist at ResPhys, Carolina has specialized in evaluating the feasibility of carbon storage in Texas carbonate rocks and identifying the most effective geophysics methods for monitoring injected CO2. In addition to her technical expertise, Carolina also boasts fluency in English and Spanish. 

Veronique Falmagne is a Senior Mining Advisor at Agnico-Eagle Mines, where she provides mentorship and review of the mining aspects of studies and supports the implementation of best practices in the company at a global level. With over 15 years of experience in mining engineering, she has led projects in geomechanics and mine design, as well as conducted technical reviews for mining companies and hydroelectric projects around the world. 

Penny Swords is the VP of Mining Data Management Solutions at Seequent, where she helps customers make the most of their data to make informed decisions faster. With over 20 years of experience in the mining industry, Penny is an expert in geology, geoscience, and civil engineering and is passionate about using data to improve efficiency and reduce risk. In her previous roles in Seequent, Penny has contributed as Director of Seequent Evo, an ecosystem that connects Seequent's desktop and cloud applications, APIs, and new micro-capabilities and led a global team to help companies centrally manage and secure their geoscience data and make it accessible to all stakeholders.  

Kirsty Liddicoat is the General Manager of Red Lake Operations at Evolution Mining, where she has over 17 years of experience in the mining industry. With expertise in cost reduction, production improvement, and mine planning, Kirsty has a proven track record in team development and leadership. She is a past chair of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy's Women in Mining group, which aims to increase the attraction and retention of women in the industry. #Innovation includes individuals who are seeking to introduce new concepts, methods, or technologies in the mining industry.

Alicia Woods is the CEO and founder of Covergalls Inc., a company that designs and manufactures workwear for women in the mining industry to safely fit the shape of a woman, but also to function and outperform. She has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining 2020 and is a dynamic speaker who advocates for increasing diversity and inclusion in the mining sector. Alicia has also been awarded the Young Mining Professional Female (YMP) Eira Thomas Award, and 2016 Women of Distinction Award. In her current role as Sr. Consultant - Business Development Mining at Hatch, Alicia works with a team of professionals to tackle the toughest challenges in the metals, energy, infrastructure, digital, and investments market sectors around the world. 

Dustin Shaw is the owner and senior lab technician at Precision Petrographics, a geological thin section preparation lab in Canada.  With 15 years of experience in the field, Dustin is committed to setting new quality standards in the geological preparation sector. As the owner and senior lab technician, he has the opportunity to design and manufacture their own machines on site and introduce new techniques for display polishing and creating polished thin sections. Geology studies the data stored for millennia within geological structures, providing humanity with a deeper understanding of our world and how it formed. Dustin's work with Precision Petrographics tackles an integral part of geology prioritizing high quality outcomes and he enjoys working closely with clients to continually bring new ideas and innovations to the industry.  

Alan J. San Martin is a mineral resource consultant with over 20 years of experience in the mining industry.  He is an expert in mineral resource estimation for a variety of mineral deposits and commodities working as a mining consultant with Micon International Limited. San Martin is also the founder and director of Dataminex Web Services, a data company that provides web-based solutions in the mining industry. In the discovery of Fruta Del Norte gold deposit in Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador, Alan and the Aurelian exploration team won the Thayer Lindsley Award for an International Mineral Discovery.  

James Hodgins is a mining photographer specialist with over 25 years of experience creating marketing and branding images for the mining and industrial industries. His abilities creating eye-catching images that capture the viewer's attention and his wealth of knowledge in mining marketing, industrial photography, and professional mining images are sources of inspiration connecting projects and people within the mining industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a peek at James's work in his LinkedIn profile. 

RockMass CEO Shelby Yee, collecting data underground with the Mapper v2 - Photography by James Hodgins 2020

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our Top 14 voices that are defining the today and tomorrow of the mining industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with this fascinating line-up. ‍

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